WOW!! What cause the warm atmosphere? What cause the hot scene? What attracted the crowd of onlookers? The answer is Zhuoyuan 9D VR. It is definitely the site focus on popular.

Even when the thermometer is about to burst in summer, it can’t prevent the people experiencing the Zhuoyuan 9D VR.9d vr hot sale4


Besides the adults, the children are also interested in experiencing the novel 9D VR.  Look, they are all queue up for experiencing the 9D VR. They all wish they could be the next one who can experience the  9D VR right now.
9d vr hot sale3


“WOW, something had dropped, I have to dodge.”

9d vr hot sale6


“The roller coaster was too scary for me! So exciting”

9d vr hot sale2


‘It was wonderful, the 9D VR lets me feel like I was totally immersed in the game I am playing – a complete escape from reality.”

9d vr hot sale1

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