On 2nd August 2018, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan officially joined a public welfare project named One Thousand Tutors For Teenagers.

The project, which is initiated by Guangzhou Municipal Science & Technology Association and carried out by Guangzhou Teenager Science & Tech Center, is created for the purpose of promoting the science education both for primary and middle school students in Guangzhou.

The organizing party of the project selects one thousand professional and experienced experts from science associations, research institutes, universities and high profile enterprises to form a volunteer science tutor group. Then every individual volunteer tutor in this group offers to tutor teenager students for scientific study and tech innovation activities.

Being a member of this project is an honor for Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, the company always commits itself to the public-benefiting cause by fully leveraging its advantages on VR. With the rapid advancement of VR tech, the wide application of VR has infiltrated to so many aspects of man’s life, for example, the VR based medical operation and VR entertainment.

The timing has become matured to apply this newly emerged VR tech in education and that is what Guangzhou Zhuoyuan now doing.

As a futuristic tech, VR has so much to do in the thousand-year-old teaching industry. With the help of it, teenager students’ passion for study, science, and technology will be greatly activated and enhanced.

As one of the most high profile VR companies in China, Guangzhou Guangzhou has abundant VR resources to use. We have every reason to believe that Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s entry into the project will dramatically power it and fuel its further development.

Besides that project, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan has also organized or participated in many other public welfare activities like the FuninVR National Tour Classroom, Space Day in Macao and National Weekly Science Popularization. All these evidence testify that Guangzhou Zhuoyuan has actively shouldered its CSR.

After the project entry signing ceremony, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan immediately organized its first VR experience open day for a batch of primary school students. Under the guide of Zhuoyuan’s working stuff, students had a wonderful VR gaming experience.

In the upcoming future, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan will continue doing its utmost to facilitate the development of public welfare cause and help more teenager students to engage with science and technology via VR.

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