On January 8th 2016 , Zhuoyuan held the 2016 Annual General Meeting in a five-star hotel. Hundreds of company employees, factory workers and Zhuoyuan’s clients participated in the Annual General Meeting. Let’s review the resplendence and glories in 2015, and wrote a 2016 new magnificent chapter together.

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Highlight 1: A lot of clients were gathered together
The biggest highlight of the annual general meeting was our clients. All of them came from all corners of the country. On behalf of Zhuoyuan, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you again. Thanks for you coming.

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Highlight 2: Zhuoyuan employees showed the great team spirit
Zhuoyuan’s development cannot materialize without our positive and fighting team spirit. In the annual meeting, some of zhuoyuan employees had a style show. Their crisp steps and immaculate formations won a burst of applause.

Zhuoyuan annual meeting (6)

Highlight 3: Evening programs colorful
During the annual meeting, zhuoyuan employees brought a lot of exciting programs to us, such as comedy, dancing, singing, etc.

Especially the stage play “LOVE VR” which tailored for the 9d virtual reality, was the big winner.

Zhuoyuan annual meeting (5)
Highlight 4: Reap as you sow
In 2015, Zhuoyuan had emerged many employees whom selfless dedication to company. In order to thanks for their tireless work, Zhuoyuan’s CEO commended the outstanding employees awarded for them in the annual meeting.

Zhuoyuan annual meeting (3)
2015 had passed, a new year has come! We are very confident that our partnership will continue to go from strength to strength and that we will see further successful collaboration in the future.

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