5D Cinema is based on the integration 3D cinema technology, including optoelectronics, snow, vibration, water spray, hair and other complex special effects scenes from a new generation of digital video technology! 5D cinema is emerging as a form of international cinema, evolved on the basis of the traditional three-dimensional cinema. Compared to other types of theater, with a prominent theme, high technology content, lifelike, more attractive to spectators and other characteristics advantage, can give the audience a visual, auditory, tactile and even strong stimulation of taste, bring all-round feeling of sensory organs!

5D theaters generally consists of three elements: the three-dimensional projection system; vibration seats and special effects equipment; computer control system, the three synergies constitute a system, together stimulate the audience’s visual, auditory, tactile, sensory and other senses, involved in the reproduction of the movie theme environment, various details within the environment, as well as the audience experience in a specific environment, such as, creating immersive overall effect.

The General Components of 5d Theaters