FuninVR’S  VR Roller Coaster 9D VR Chair VR Egg Simulator

What Is Zhuoyuan VR Roller Coaster VR Simulator?

Newly recommendation of spring product! This product mainly recommends for extreme sports, combat shooting, jungle exploration and other game experience, which is suitable for players of all ages. Not limited to the fixed sites, it is mobile and flexible to  choose location!The classic bang-bang shooting button  cooperates with blowing, leg sweeping,seat vibration and other special effects so players can achieve immersive game effects! The abundant content library can carry more than 20 VR movies and more than 100 5D movies!

The Details for FuninVR VR Roller Coaster

Item VR Roller Coaster
Voltage AC220V
Power 1 KW
Weight 150KG
Rated Load 200KG
Player 4 PLAYER
Equipment Size 2190*1750*2710MM
Number of Games VR22+5D100

Newly recommendation of spring product! This product mainly recommends for extreme sports like Roller Coaster, Big Pendulum which is the best choice for young people, sports enthusiasts and geek.

    Short time, Fast return

Powerful design with exclusive hoisting dynamic platform + suspended seat, roller coaster is squatting to play!

Attractive Interactive Games

360 degree panoramic immersion, players rush to the clouds, fall rapidly, 360 degree flip, frighten them dolphin sound!

Strong After-Sales Support

 Unlike roller coaster equipment in amusement park,VR Roller Coaster is safe without any risk, so players are at ease to play!

Profit Mode For FuninVR’S VR Roller Coaster

FuninVR’S VR Roller CoasterIn The Exhibition

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