As the largest
amusement show in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, it attracts investors who
are engaged in theme parks, water parks, carnivals, family entertainment
centers, entertainment venues, resorts, museums, casinos, etc., managing
operators and traders. Come to the exhibition and negotiate import and export

In the exhibition held last year, it attracted 187 exhibitors from more than 20 countries including Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Britain, Turkey, India and Scotland. Among them, 26 companies participated in the exhibition for the first time. More than 11,000 professional visitors and media professionals in the entertainment industry.

Thanks to our Russian
customers for placing orders!

FuninVR’s VR Racing
Moto brings a refreshing feeling to everyone!

VR’s imaginative, interactive, and immersive features make it immersive and empathetic.

So VR can make you
scream! Scared the dolphin sound! We believe that the wave of VR entertainment
will soon be sweeping across Eastern European countries as the world prevails!

 At present, FuninVR’s VR theme parks cover more than 100 countries on 5 continents.

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