FuninVR New Design Attraction Vr Slider With Vr Helmets 9D Virtual reality fly slide simulator

What is FuninVR VR Slider

Challenge VR slides, thrills and screams

In the virtual world, everything is possible. With the Movie Power VR slide, let you experience the sensation of playing a slide at a height of 300 meters.

Really immersive, people plays will leg soft

Challenge thrills, dive down 100 meters per hour from a height of 300 meters, experience visitors frightened and crazy screaming on the spot.

The Details for FuninVR VR Slider

Item Vr Slide
Voltage AC220V
Power 3.0KW
Weight 150KG
Rated Load 200KG
Player 1 PLAYER
Equipment Size 1700*1122*1065MM
The size of Screen 42 Inches

FunVR’s VR Slide is the newest VR simulator with a safe belt appearance , which can increase the sense of amazement . Small footprint , large flow of crowd , cool appearance !

Meet the demand of real-time entertainment

Rich in special effects, enjoy the three sensory feasts of sight, hearing and touch.

    Short time, Fast return

The appearance appeals to the player, combined with the design of the underwater animals and the air clouds!

Attractive Interactive Games

Drive and experience the clouds and water, using the mature motion control technology that independently developed!

Strong After-Sales Support

Experience a wide variety of content to meet the needs of different extreme sports enthusiasts!

Profit Mode For FuninVR VR Slider?

FuninVR VR Slider In The Exhibition

Great User Experience + High Profit = 9D VR Slide Simulator 

1. Newest designed appearance and games in the market.

2. With a safe belt and no armchair, increasing the sense of reality amazement.

3. 22 or 42 inch touching screen support coin operation.

4. Rich content for 81 pieces exciting movies.

5.With 3 DOF dynamic platform, gives you the most realistic body feeling.

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