Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Orient”, Hongkong is one of the most significant global financial centers. It is a recognized global center of trade and calls itself an “entertainment hub”. So, the fashionable entertainment projects are popular in Hongkong.
CK Hung is one of our clients from Hongkong. He likes to explore new things, especially the exciting novelty. One day, he found the 9d cinema through internet. He thought the appearance of 9d cinema was cool and it should be quite suitable for business in Hongkong.
CK Hung found that Zhuoyuan 9d cinema is the most professional one, so he decided to choose Zhuoyuan. He ordered a double seats 9d cinema and a vibrating vr cinema immediately.

After his 9d cinema opened, he often did some activities and promotion to attract more customers. His 9d cinema and vibrating vr cinema was always full of players. Precisely because of it, he is planning to buy more vr cinemas and open them in other places.
For appreciating your trust and support to our products, we always keep the good reputation and continue to create an abundant profit for you.


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