FuninVR has recently received an order from Russia for several VR arcade machines, including VR Mecha, VR Racing Moto, and VR Racing Kart. Placed in strategic locations within a mall, these devices have captured the attention of many parents and children alike.

As a hub for social activity, a mall is an ideal platform to showcase VR machines. FuninVR’s VR devices provide high-quality gaming experiences while immersing players in a virtual world, captivates children, and parents alike, increasing foot traffic, especially with placement near maternity and baby stores. Children possess a boundless curiosity regarding virtual reality games, as it allows them to explore their imagination and interact with other players. Parents who observe their children’s gaming process are better able to comprehend and provide suitable educational and entertainment resources for their needs.

Product Size1.54*1.65*1.98m
HelmetDeepoon E3
Rated Load100kg
Number of Games2+5(optional)
Measured Power0.8kw

Malls serve not only as places to shop but also for leisure and entertainment. With the introduction of VR equipment, the mall can offer diverse entertainment experiences and foster a unique and captivating shopping environment.

What’s more, in addition to shopping malls, VR devices have vast potential applications in other venues. For instance, VR devices can be used in theme parks, amusement parks, and entertainment centers to provide customers with unique gaming and entertainment experiences. In museums and exhibitions, VR technology can allow visitors to personally experience historical events and cultural artworks. In educational institutions, VR devices can be used as teaching aids to provide more vivid and intuitive learning methods.

In a word, if one is interested in a VR business venture, starting with a small VR experience store within a mall is an incredible initial step, especially if the shopping center garners high foot traffic. Last but not least, interested parties who wish to know more about VR entertainment can contact us for additional information.