3D, 4D, 5D, 7D, 8D, 9D, ∞ D – long story about stereo dynamic attractions and virtual cinemas. So, it’s a time to share our opinion, how we do see this. All answers to main questions : what is 5D cinema as a business now, what are the differences in 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D etc., and how to name the 5D equipment we produce, are given by Nikolai Grebenkine, the CEO of AET/Amusement and Edutainment Technologies.
Our story began at 18 December 1895, when brothers Lumiere showed their first movie on Boulevard des Capucines in Paris. This was a pass for movies into the consciousness of the masses. Because of this, everyone in the world knows what the cinema is. Thanks to the loyalty of the authorities, in the middle of the last century, stereo movies and stereo cinemas appeared in our country! We will not bore you with historical details, that can be found in Google, the conclusion matters – people know, how to buy movie tickets and will continue do this. Consequently, when we see a sign with 5D cinema, people understand that this is a place where you can buy ticket and watch the movie. Despite the confusing prefix 5D. Also, it is clear for visitors that movies are changed regularly, and you can come back and buy new tickets. These simple things keep the secret of the success of the film business organization. “Bread and circuses” – famous and ancient phrase of the great Juvenal – guarantees, movie tickets will always buy.
So, what kind of business «5 6 7 8 9D cinema» is – it’s very popular business of selling tickets with all the requirements: crowded place, find cheaper but favorable location, virtual cinema equipment should have WOW effect and expanding film list, to make people willing to come back. So how to get to the magical world of “selling tickets to the movies”. Opening the usual movie theatre or even 3D one, doesn’t make sense. They are opening up by the big players in this market associated with developers and film distributors who cover their film projects for decades. So you need to open a different format cinema, a monopoly which is free from Hollywood. Fortunately for us, such kind of format has already been created. That is «motion theater» – the entertainment cinema.
The entertainment cinema is the phrase not entirely accurate, because any cinema might be considered as entertainment. In addition to motion theater’s movie, there are specially devised effects during the session:

For the stimulation of a special depth of the images – in 3D stereo display format (stereoscopic)
For the stimulation of the wind on the screen – the fans blowing on audience
For the stimulation of the water splash from the screen – water supply injectors, squirting on visitors at the right moment.
For the stimulation of mice, insects or any other poultry running towards visitors from the screen – various “ body touches”
Bubbles, smoke, lightning, smells appearing in the hall at the right time, along with the corresponding image on the screen
And of course, the viewer\’s motion simulation in the process of watching the movie along with the characters and objects in the movie.

Typically, minor fluctuations of the chairs during the session Motion theatres housed in museums, parks, arcades, walking alleys, where it was not appropriate to place a normal movie theater. Duration of the movie was chosen -15-30 minutes, so the view can withstand overwhelm of special effects. And the number of visitors was reduced to 25-50 people per session, of course. Wikipedia described such cinemas as 4D cinema – marketing term, describes a combination of 3D cinema and physical effects, synchronized with the film. The audience can feel the movement and vibration of seats, wind, smoke, water splashes, and odor. Although, letter «D» stands for dimension – there is nothing in common with fourth dimension. Also, there is nothing in common between 5 dimension and 5D cinema, that because of special, very carefully prepared simulation dynamic show during the short session, it was decided to name it after the next number after 4.
Therefore, we define, that the 5D cinema is:

As equipment – active dynamic platform is a must, the platform the moves, unlike 4D cinema, in several dimensions (left/right, back/forth, up/down), where the viewer’s seat, that perfectly synchronized with what is happening on the screen. This is 3D stereo surround, sound surround, and different special effects
As a business model – necessarily small 3-8 seats hall with dynamic short films (3-7 minutes), which contributes to a large turnover of visitors and full load at rush hour Although Wikipedia has only one line about 5D, nowadays, 5D cinema is a self-paced business with a turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars. Those who wish to join in this business will have to choose between large varieties of 5D, dynamic stereo equipment available on the market.
Before you buy, you have to take into account:
Equipment specifications (our specification is the most intense in the market)
Special effects quantity
The number of degrees of freedom
Dynamic characteristics of the platform. We are the only one, who uses 6! power electric drives, just for 4 seats
Platform design (we are sure, that our design attracts visitors, people want and like to seat in our chairs)
Availability and expanding video content – 5D films ( we have an extensive library, 70 diverse 5D films
Warranty and post warranty service
And the most important – spot «WOW factor», emotion degree that the audience will get after the sessions, because you will sell EMOTIONS. If people would be satisfied and happy with your 5D cinemas, they will come back again and again…(have a look, how react our visitors on our 5D equipment)
We believe that only manufacturers can name the attraction. For example, our cinema model with interactive features (game option during the session), will be named «7D» because it is absolutely new adjustment to 5D cinema. And there is no more sense in this name «7D cinema» (have a look HERE, the principle of operation). Finally, answering the question, what is the difference between diverse 6D-7D-8D-9D, I have my dissenting opinion. Differs only names, and generally not in the direction to help the viewer to orient the product. Especially when the owners of amusement rides are beginning to add extra “D” on their own, because try to distinguish themselves from competitors.


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