Francis is a young guy who just graduated from university, he has a keen sense of the new. During college, he always buy some technological products to play and research. One day, when he was shopping on the internet, he found the 9d vr. His sharp instincts thought this vr equipment contained huge commercial chance. From then on, he almost search for something about the 9d vr everyday. Since the 9d vr was more expensive than the other technological products which he bought before. He spent more than half month to learn more about the 9d vr. And looked around the 9d vr ‘s business. After screening, he chose our company and made an order.
Now his 9d vr is opened in a shopping center. There is a brisk business in his 9D VR Experience Area.

Thank you for your strong support and trust on our company. We will try our utmost to provide you the best service, let’s head for the successful future hand in hand.

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