2018 Tourist Attraction Innovation Development Expo & Recreation Facilities Expo unveils on today (Jun 29th, 2018) at Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center based in Chengdu. The exhibition, with an exhibition area of 30000 sqm, is held for three days from Jun 29th to July 1st.

As a heavyweight exhibition in southwest China, more than 300 companies participate in it and display their products on the show. According to the statistics from the sponsored party, the show is expected to receive more than 30000 visitors during its three-day holding time. 

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan is one of the exhibitors and displays five VR products at the company’s booth (Hall 9 T17), they are VR Racing Moto, VR Racing Kart, VR Mecha, Eagle Flight VR and VR Dark Mars Simulator.

All the five VR products are Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s top sellers, they are liked not only by consumers but also by Zhuoyuan’s franchised customers because of their high playability and top quality.

What surprises Zhuoyuan’s working stuff at its booth is that only several hours after the open of the exhibition, one “ big spender” customer surnamed Li purchases a VR Dark Mars Simulator and an Eagle Flight VR.

According to Li, he shows much interest in VR entertainment and thinks the industry has a huge potential for doing business. Li says that he previously planned to make a field survey to Zhuoyuan’s HQ, but after he got the news that Guangzhou Zhuoyuan would participate this show in Chengdu he canceled his plan, so this morning he came to the exhibition center very early and waited to experience the VR products he wanted to buy.

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s VR Dark Mars Simulator has always been the company’s “star product”. On Chengdu exhibition, the VR Dark Mars Simulator attracts lots of visitors to experience.

From pictures of the scene, we can see that visitors are lining up in front of Zhuoyuan’s booth, most of them are attracted by Zhuoyuan’s Si-Fi and fashionable VR products.

Zhuoyuan’s good performance also catches the attention of some media. Sichuan TV, the provincial TV channel of Sichuan Province, makes a coverage over Zhuoyuan’s VR products.

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s sales team at the show claims that several of its team members have already signed several purchase contracts with some customers in the morning of the first day.

Themed “Innovative development”, this Chengdu exhibition serves as a great platform for Guangzhou Zhuoyuan to extend its brand presence and influence in southwest China recreation market.

The company will always stay true to its belief in bringing more fun to people by developing more high-quality VR products.

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