Star-studded product for group premium viewing without glasses

LED naked-eye 3D display systemA system for displaying 3D images without the need for glasses
Ultra-white glass bridgeA bridge made from a type of glass with very low iron content, resulting in a high level of transparency and clarity
Abyssal mirror viewing platformA platform for viewing movies or other media that simulates the feeling of being in an abyss or deep sea environment
Steel structure and boxA construction consisting of a steel frame and an enclosed box structure
5.1 surround sound systemA sound system with five satellite speakers and one subwoofer for creating a surround sound experience
Silent acoustic wallA wall designed to absorb sound and reduce noise levels in a given space
Metaverse technology exteriorAn exterior design that incorporates elements of virtual reality and interconnected digital worlds
Control systemA system for managing and controlling various components of the overall design
Electric doorsDoors that are operated electrically rather than manually
Futuristic stairsStairs designed with a modern and technologically advanced aesthetic

Meta-Universe Suspended Glass Theater is a hot product that combines sci-fi and fashion, with built-in social media-friendly attractions. 360° surround sound, 270° light and shadow space design, and trendy social media elements create a stunning 3D immersive audio-visual effect! With an 8K ultra-IMAX-level high-definition resolution and flight scenes, this breakthrough product will revolutionize the way people experience the meta-universe!

Extremely high performance
Each show can accommodate over 30 people for a 5-minute viewing

Social Media Phenomenon
The marketing appeal of the glass bridge and Bare-Eye 3D generates massive engagement on social media platforms like Douyin and Xiaohongshu

Fast Return on Investment
Early bird ticket pre-sales with Douyin and Xiaohongshu partnerships, provides high investment returns.

New offline entertainment business model: digital technology + amusement + culture
The meta-universe era is coming! Digital entertainment will become the mainstream, and it is a new product form from national policy to government and scenic spots: a combination of virtual idol IP + digital technology + culture + entertainment!
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