What is zhuoyuan  Virtual Reality E-space Walk?

What is Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality E-space Walk?

VR E-space Walk-1

Adopting advanced HTC VIVE laser positioning technology, it provides an experience of the beautiful sceneries of the virtual world in a limited space. All-directional life-like scenes will bring you deep immersion feelings.

Why Choose VR E-space Walk

Equipped with one of the best Head Mount Displays (HMDs) — HTC VIVE to provide exquisite graphics without feeling dizzy

VR E-space Walk-3

Support online competitive fights to enable stores to hold competitions so as to increase the popularity and returning rate

Customized motion-capturing firearms and mechanical resonance platform to create perfectly synergized game scene

vr-Eight-Dimensional Space-8

Good scientific appearance to get a perfect eye-catching effect.


The Details for ZhuoyuanVR E-space Walk

vr-Eight-Dimensional Space

Zhuoyuan  E-space Walk  In The Exhibition

VR E-space Walk-6VR E-space Walk-7

E-space Walk In VR Comprehensive Experience Center

VR E-space Walk-In-VR-Comprehensive-Experience-Center-1

VR E-space Walk-In-VR-Comprehensive-Experience-Center-2
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