FuninVR game machine vr reality vr slide dynamic vr flight simulator

9D VR Slide simulator is exclusively designed and manufactured by FuninVR. After a long period of research and development, testing and optimization, FuninVR launched the new product – 9D VR Slide simulator.

Cool appearance design, high immersion effects, accurate motion simulation, a variety of high-quality 9D VR video and interactive games, VR entertainment equipment, we just want to give you the best!

Detail For FuninVR’s VR slide
Products name
9D VR Slide
SF-Slide VR
Max Power
Max load
81 movies + 2 games
VR glasses
Deepoon E3 glasses, china brand
only 5 square meters required
360 degree rotation, 3DOF Dynamic platform, support coin operated/card system
What’s included 
dynamic platform*1, VR glasses *1, control console*1, movies*81, games *2


·A new VR slide experience that challenges another impossible ·Rich in special effects, enjoy the three sensory feasts of sight, hearing and touch.

·The appearance appeals to the player, combined with the design of the underwater animals and the air clouds!

·Drive and experience the clouds and water, using the mature motion control technology that independently developed!

·Experience a wide variety of content to meet the needs of different extreme sports enthusiasts!

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