FuninVR 9D VR Simulator 9D Virtual Reality Games machine With Virtual Reality Glasses

What is FuninVR 9D Virtual Reality Simulator?

We devote ourselves to design and manufacture the full set 5D 7D 9D and VR equipment with the outside cabin. Based on more than 20years’ industry technology experience, a number of specialized technical skills and a contingent of skilled staff team, we devotes ourselves to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of 4D Cinema Seats, 5D cinema equipment, mini 7D cinema, Best Home 5d Cinema, Dynamic Simulator Platforms, flight simulator, car simulator, standing flight VR, vibrating vr simulator, VR simulator and other VR project.

Why Choose FuninVR 9D Virtual Reality Simulator?

1. NO competitors in your local

2. Higher profit than traditional entertainment industry

3. Low Investment

4. Small business location (only 2-9 square meter )

5. Wireless operation. No need to install

6. Full automatic mode, 1 person for operation

7. Professional after-sale service, lifelong maintenance

What About the Virtual reality entertainment market?

9D Virtual reality simulator is new technology developed by Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co.,Ltd It can magically become variety of adventure game equipment in top amusement part at any time. Create a 360-degree real adventure game device experience lifelike scenes, immersive virtual reality and interactive experience brought to mind the occupant class entertainment shock, the weightlessness, drift, centrifugal force feelings is  more horrible and excitement than playing a true large pendulum, horror roller coaster and other adventure stimulate amusement equipments in theme park 

Meet the demand of real-time entertainment

Minimum only need 8 square meters of space. An open space is also suitable for running a shop. 9D VR spreads throughout the mall, community, park attractions, around schools, cinema, KTV and other places, meeting the market’s huge demand.

Short time, Fast return

Each 9D VR movie lasts 3-8 minutes, but brings amazing return.

Attractive Interactive Games

We can not only watch the 9D VR movie, but also can play the interactive game. The exciting game will make us immersed and play it again and again.

Strong After-Sales Support

Continuous updated new 9D VR games and movies, latest updated software, professional marketing and advertising system — helps us succeed.

Profit Mode For FuninVR 9D Virtual Reality Simulator?

Parameter of two seats 9D VR simulator?

Specification of 9D VR Simlator
Parameter of 9D VR Simlator
Rated power
Blue with White
Input voltage
Max Player
2 Players
Pico, DPVR E3, 3 Glasses
Net Weight
12 Months

Zhuoyuan 9D VR Simulator In Canton fair

Welcome to Enjoy Our 9D VR Experience

Our Advantages

FuninVR VR Factory Advantages

1) warranty: We provide one year warranty and life-time technical support and consultation , give you a strong back-up

2) We provide free product combination and selection consultation.

3) We provide free store design (CAD), front wall design, wiring diagrams and layout map as per your requirement.

4) We provide free marketing proposal and promotion material design (posters, stickers, tickets design etc)

5) We provide lifetime software update and one year free movie update for certain products.

6) We provide initial copyrighted movies and games for free.

7) We provide VR store operation training sessions in China.

8) We support OEM, can customized the vr machine according to your need

9) VR Project plan like the earthquake, fire and typhoon virtual reality experience

Do You Want Know About 9D VR?

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