Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Vibrating VR Simulator

What is Zhuoyuan Vibrating VR Simulator?

Zhuoyuan Vibrating VR Simulator is a simulation vibration facility with low cost. Players stand on the machine and wear VR glasses, can feel the vibrating movement of up, down, left, right, as the scene of roller coaster, cars driving and earthquake effect in the game.

Why Choose Zhuoyuan Vibrating VR Simulator?

1.Low cost, fast return. Use DC motor to save cost and guarantee the entertainment effect at the same time

2.Spring vibration platform vibration motor, simple structure, low failure rate!


3.Delicate appearance, appearing with LED lights from inside, up and down vibration platform with good visual effect!

1 البم

4.Opening interface, support regular game, can access large numbers of games!

Details for Zhuoyuan VR Vibrating Simulator
آئٹم Value
وولٹیج AC220
Power Rating 1.2kw
Weight 150KG
Bearing Load 150KG
Number of players 1
سائز 900*900*1200mm
Packing Size 1000*1000*1300mm
Occupied area Length and width: 2*2m
Immersion helmet 5.5 انچ ایچ ڈی کی سکرین 2K │ │ 1440X2560 534PPI

Profit Mode For Zhuoyuan Vibrating VR

Vibrating VR Simulator In Comprehensive Experience Center

Zhuoyuan Vibrating VR Simulator In Exhibition

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