Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality VR DARK MARS Simulator

What is Zhuoyuan Seats VR Dark Mars Simulator?

Zhuoyuan VR Dark Mars Simulator not only solves the problem of 5D/7D சினிமா traditional storefronts and fixed screen dependence, but also break the limitation of audience numbers in 9D cinema, large flow, high profit!

Why Choose Zhuoyuan VR Dark Mars Simulator?

1.360°view, one machine to watch films and play games

2.High return rate, six tickets at one time, create high profit.

3.Wind, sweeping leg, button vibration, various special effect to provide more realistic experience.

4.Shining mech style, numerous fans from all over the world. Sparkling lights to catch your eyes.

Details for Zhuoyuan VR Dark Mars Simulator
உருப்படி Value
மின்னழுத்த AC220
Weight 1500kg
Measured power 3.8kw
External Size 4200*3700*2400mm
Number of seats 6
Number of games VR22+5D100
helmet PICO、3Glasses

Profit Mode For Zhuoyuan VR Dark Mars Simulator

VR Dark Mars Simulator In Comprehensive Experience Center

Zhuoyuan VR Dark Mars Simulator கண்காட்சி

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