Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Stand Up Flight VR Simulator

What Is Zhuoyuan Stand-up Flight VR Simulator?

Zhuoyuan Stand-up Flight VR is the unique standing virtual simulation equipment on current market, mainly experience on simulate flying, skydiving, skiing, rafting and other extreme sports.

Why choose Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Stand-up Simulator?

Innovative concept

The latest and most popular technological product on the 17th China hi-tech fair!

Unlimited business premises

Shopping malls, theme pavilions, large shopping plaza, etc. all can run!

In good faith with the quality of speech-based

Unique patented technology of crankshaft structure in the whole industry, running more stable!

Plenty of Movie Resources

Opening interface, support regular game, can access large numbers of games!

Profit Model For Zhuoyuan Stand-up Flight VR Simulator?

виртуальной реальности симулятор

The Details for Zhuoyuan Stand-up Flight VR Simulator

Проект Значение
Напряжение AC220
Мощность 2.0kw
Вес 200 кг
Нагрузка 100kg
Количество пользователя 1
Размер 1260*1260*2450mm
Упаковочные размеры 1300*1300*2500mm
Площадь использования Length and width: 2*2m
Immersion helmet 5.5 inch HD 2K Screen │ 1440X2560 │ 534PPI
Number of games 10

Zhuoyuan Stand-up Flight VR Simulator В выставке

Zhuoyuan Stand-up Flight VR Simulator has gotten oodles of media attention

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