Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality VR Simulator VR War Machine?


Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Simulator VR War Machine is on the base of the integrated operation of HTC VIVE ,could battle separately and on line, bring you into the fierce battle,to pull the death trigger and kill the enemy!

Advantages Of Virtual Reality Simulator VR War Machine


Small size and high-usage, and showing the huge earning power

Area less than 5 square meters, saving the rent and cost, making money in silence


Streamline appearance, showing the spirit of craftsman

Unlimited business premises; We have been constant pursuit of innovative ideas, serious treatment of every detail of every product, every product has to be perfect!


Easy to play, no need wear, easy to operate

No need wear the sensor device, just standing on the platform to start the game, saving the cost!


Excellent content, popular game

《Dead trigger》《deep-sea shark hunting》《skillful defense Ⅱ》and so on,so many top VR games are waiting for you!


Profit Mode For Virtual Reality Simulator VR War Machine



Details Of Virtual Reality Simulator VR War Machine


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