Zhuoyuan 9D Virtual Reality VR Simulator

Zhuoyuan 9D VRシミュレータをシームレスエンターテイメントの伝統的な形式を変更し、消費者がインタラクティブエンターテイメント業界に入力するための変更を作成し、バーチャルリアリティ装置、周辺ハードウェアデバイス、エンターテインメント・プラットフォームを兼ね備​​えています。

What Is Zhuoyuan 9D VR Simulator?

9D VR=Virtual Reality Glasses Interactive VR Simulator Games and Movies

Why Choose 9D VR Simulator?

1. World premiere Exclusive features

2. Small business location (only 2-9 square meter )

3. Wireless operation.No need to install.

4. Full automatic mode.1 person for operation

5. Professional after-sale service, lifelong maintenance

What About the Virtual reality entertainment market?

9D VR simulator of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan is the national and even the world’s first industry which combines virtual reality technology and entertainment industry. Exciting visual perception, real scene simulation, thrilling plot experience, is not only popular in international market, but also helps investors make big profit.

Meet the demand of real-time entertainment

Minimum only need 8 square meters of space. An open space is also suitable for running a shop. 9D VR spreads throughout the mall, community, park attractions, around schools, cinema, KTV and other places, meeting the market’s huge demand.

Short time, Fast return

Each 9D VR movie lasts 3-8 minutes, but brings amazing return.

Attractive Interactive Games

We can not only watch the 9D VR movie, but also can play the interactive game. The exciting game will make us immersed and play it again and again.

Strong After-Sales Support

Continuous updated new 9D VR games and movies, latest updated software, professional marketing and advertising system — helps us succeed.

Zhuoyuan 9D VRの利益モード?

What You Have to Consider is Just The Way to Maximize Benefit?

VR Library

VR Real Estate

VR Shopping Mall

VR Game Center
インターネットの普及により、伝統的なエンターテイメント機器は、9D仮想現実シミュレータなどのインテリジェントエンターテイメント機器によって時代遅れと置き換えられています。 VRシミュレータは選手、特に若者にそれらをより魅力的に、今まで持っていた伝統的なエンターテイメント機器より楽しく、より良いインタラクティブなシミュレーションをもたらします。

Besides above places, hotel, park, KTV, airport, bar and other places full of people are your good choice to open the 9D VR pavilion!

Other VR products for 9D Virtual Reality Simulator

New Style! Zhuoyuan 9D Virtual Reality With 6 Seats Is Coming

6 people experience simultaneously Striving for a maximum profit

Advantage1 :

The unique design platform can let 6 people experience the slant, jolt, climb-out and all of the interactive effects together. You can share the joys and fear with each other.


The fog machine will according to the plot to release fog, let the player experience the real plot of movies and games. Let you have a immersive feeling.

Advantage3 :

6席の9Dバーチャルリアリティの外観は、神秘的で技術的な経験の環境を作成して、今、私たちはいくつかの大気中の照明を追加する必要があり、まだ多くのファッションです。それは非常に目を引く対象です。 9D VR、あなたが持っているより多くの潜在的な顧客の横により群衆。

Zhuoyuan 9D VR Simulator In Canton fair

Welcome to Enjoy Our 9D VR Experience


Q: Where can I run the 9D VR cinema and what is the size of the room it requires?

A: Shopping mall,amusement park,airport,club,theater, scenic spots,Theme park,around the school ect. Many locations are suitable because it just needs 2-9 spare meters to place the whole set of machine.

Q: How many movies do you offer?

A: We have 25 movies offered for free once you purchase it.Then we offer 1 movie every month for you in the future.

Q: What is the type of your movies?

A: Horror,thriller,cartoon,race movies ect. 5-10 minutes for every movie.

Q: Is every movie in the market workable in the 9D VR cinema?

A: Only our special movies are workable because the movement of the seats corresponds to the movie.

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