Seats parameters:
Power mode: hydraulic / electric
Power: 3.75KW
Voltage: 380V / 220V
Movement: 6 DOF
Control mode: hydraulic / electric system
Maximum front and rear tilt angle: of about 14 degrees.
Maximum left and right tilt angle: of about 17 degrees.
Largest plane landing: 210mm-230mm.
Effective travel: 150mm Maximum load: 2000kg

For mobile 5d cinema Electric and hydraulic technology are our strong line in this field!!!
6 DOF (degree of freedom) electric platform:

electric platform

Electric system introduction:
Our electric cylinder is Servo, very famous.All airplane simulators for used pilot training are using servo motor controlled pistons. The reason for that is to get fastest and most accurate
movements according to movie. servo motors are used for robot arms and work very fast and very accurate. That’s why we are using servo motor systems in our platforms.

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