Nowaday the VR simulator industry is becoming more and more popular. It seems that as long as you join VR Simulator, most of them will make money. However, not everyone can open the VR Experience Hall. What are the requirements for VR joining needs, and what conditions are needed to become a topic of concern for investors in the FuninVR Experience Center. At the moment when the VR Experience Hall joins the hottest, who can’t ignore this point, novices should have a certain understanding of the VR experience hall in their city, especially the peers in the business district around your store, to have a bottom in mind. Here are some of my personal business sharingTools/Method 1. Market investigate → 2. Select VR Experience Hall Location → 3. Purchase VR Equipment → 4. Prepare Business Plan model

Step one: Market investigate
In Apr last year,my name is sumi, from Canada, I occasionally
saw somepeople playing FuninVR games on the video website, and I was able to smell huge business opportunities ,I searched online for VR data. In 2015, China implemented the “innovation-driven strategy”. The state and governments at all levels actively promote the development of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. VR is a hot new technology and new field in the global technology circle, indicating the market. A brand new consumer field in the future has been sought after by all parties’ capital. In the early stage of the business opening, I also do a analysis to investigate the distribution of the shops around the area where I want to open the experience hall. I would like to know the per capita consumption level of the surrounding consumer groups, and the surrounding stores are targeted in what people, what squares around, Know the size, specialization, and profit of the square determine the size of the store. In May, he decide invested in the VR Simulator industry, and opened the first VR store in Jun. The second store will open in Dec this year!
Users’ attention to VR devices is increasing. At the point of attention of the VR hardware device, we can find out that the user cares about the content. Almost all users have a lot of attention to the diversity and quality of FuninVR content. Different from the general video content, due to the relatively high technology and cost of the production of FuninVR content, more and more people have poured into it here. I believe that after the appearance of high-quality content, it will greatly improve users’ cognition virtual reality

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