FuninVR’s Hunting Bar

What is FuninVR’s Hunting Bar?

Animal-hunting is one of man’s most ancient activities. Armed with powerful hunting gun, the experienced hunter will walk over hills and mountains to hunt animals hiding in wild dense forests. Do you want to be the ACE hunter? Come and try the Hunting Bar, you can have a happy hunting but no need to put yourself in real jungles and forests. The wireless simulation gun is equipped with advanced infrared tracking tech which helps you shot more accurately. You can compete or play as a team with your buddies. Go grab the shot gun, aim and pull the trigger to shot.

Why Choose FuninVR’s Hunting Bar?


1.Wireless simulation gun offers real shooting experience.


2.Equipped with infrared ray tracking tech to help shot more accurately.

3.Multiple computer-generated hunting game scenes.

4.Multiplayer shooting and hunting PK.


Details for FuninVR’s Hunting Bar
Item Value
Voltage AC220
Weight 420kg
Measured power 500w
External Size 3600*3800*2580 mm
Number of players 4
Number of  games 5
 helmet E3

Profit Mode For FuninVR’s Hunting Bar

FuninVR’sHunting BarIn Exhibition

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