Jak to zrobić w sklepie na 5D 7D Lokalizacja XD Kino 9D

First: The Market Positioning for 5D 7D 9D XD Cinema

5D cinema focuses on not only the normal consumer group, but also the special group.

1. Children

2. Teenager

3. Shopping buyers and tourists

4. The flow of consumer group

5. Community culture lovers

6.Family group

Market Positioning

The developing of the new high-technology entertainment 5D is attracting more and more groups under it’s unique charm, and has almost replaced the updating of the highest pursuit of modern films.

Second: How To Do The Store Location for 5D 7D 9D XD Cinema

Recommended layout: walking street, college station, bus station, park, community, large supermarket, square where crowded by the flow of people, the high density population and mainly teenagers.

Lokalizacja sklepu

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