Zhuoyuan 720 Degree Flight VR Simulator with Flight Game

What is Zhuoyuan 720 Degree Flight Simulator?

Zhuoyuan 720 Degree Flight Simulator, adopting international advanced motion control technology and the computer’s modeling operations to achieve the most realistic flight experience.

Players seated in the spherical cabin can experience 360°rotating motion in two vertical directions according to the flying scene in the game, fighting in an absolutely safe environment.

Why Choose Zhuoyuan 360 Degree Flight Simulator?

ຕົ້ນກໍາເນີດມາກ່ຽວກັບການປະກອບຂວາງ 360 ຕັ້ງ 360 ຈະຖ່ານກ້ອນໃຫມ່ simulation 720 ° motion ຂອງ trajectory ການບິນ!

Full-digital servo system, high precision, fast response, low latency!

Simulation drive cabin, immersive feeling of driving!

Vivid game scene, restored battle scenes!

Profig Mode For Zhuoyuan 720 Degree Flight Simulator

Detail For Zhuoyuan 720 degree Flight Simulator

New Arrival! Zhuoyuan Flight VR Simulator Is Coming

Zhuoyuan 720 Degree Flight VR Simulator with spatial two-axis of 360 degree rotating rack, closely integrated with the game to create a comprehensive multi-sensory experience of flight with true sense of control. When the flight simulator match with the VR glasses, it can let the player have a 360°view of experience, completely in virtual reality scene.

720 Degree Flight Simulator In Comprehensive Experience Center

720 Degree Flight Simulator Popular In All Exhibition

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